If your Chromebook connects to the RRPS-Skynet network before you sign on but disconnects after you have signed in (or switches to RRPS-Portal), the most likely reason is that your password is not strong enough and does not meet the minimum password requirements.

In order to connect to RRPS-Skynet, your password must meet these requirements:
  • At least 8 characters
  • Include one capital letter
  • Include one number OR special character
  • Cannot be your student ID#
  • Cannot be your student’s name
  • Cannot be one of the last 3 passwords that you’ve used at RRPS

You can reset your password on your Chromebook because it is done prior to signing on. Please see the attached document which explains how to change your password to a strong one that will allow you to connect to RRPS-Skynet.