Istation help: 

Istation Not Loading on your RRPS Chromebook?

If Istation is not loading try these steps to force it to update on your RRPS Chromebook:

  1. Restart your Chromebook and sign in.
  2. Close the Chrome browser by clicking the X at the top right. You should see the main Chromebook screen (with the black background and the student rules).
  3. Click the circle at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. This will bring up the apps (camera etc.). Click on Istation.
  5. Istation will load. It may take a couple of minutes to load because it should update the app on the Chromebook.
  6. You may be prompted to enter your school name. Go ahead and do that but DO NOT log in.
  7. Once it loads, exit Istation.
  8. Start Google Chrome and launch Istation from Clever.