You should be able to add a printer to a Chromebook by following these steps (please see disclaimer at the end of this document if it doesn't work):

  1. Click on the box on the lower right of the screen that has the time in it.
  2. On the screen that pops up select the gear icon.
  3. The settings box will open. Select the down arrow next to "Advanced"
  4. Select "Printing" on the left and then "Printers" on the right
  5. Your printer should show up in the window on the right side of the screen. Click on [Save].

You should now be able to print from the Chromebook.

DISCLAIMER: This option is available but if your printer does not show up as described above, we cannot provide additional support because the printer is not a RRPS supplied device. We do not know how your network or printer is configured.